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Module 2: Planning

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Strategic planning is one of the most crucial steps that business owners need to be aware of and understand. Many professionals in all types of industries have failed to do strategic planning properly before they have gone through vigorous training, which has huge implications to your business. In this module you will learn strategic planning, not from the perspective of large corporations, but as it is effective for entrepreneurs. You will receive templates and resources to use to help guide you through the process and keep yourself on track!

The objectives of this module:

  1. Learn and understand what strategy actually is.
  2. Choose a strategic focus and identify your priorities.
  3. Translate those priorities into actionable process steps.
  4. Create accountabilities among your team to ensure things are completed.
  5. Manage your time on a daily basis so that you and your team always get the most important items complete.

For only $27/month you can have access to all of these modules.

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