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Module 3: Promotions

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You can’t have a business if you can’t find buyers! Many entrepreneurs and professionals go into business without any idea of how to identify and find their ideal customer, create messages to them to reach them or how to sell to them. This module attempts to overcome that barrier and keep you laser focused on the people that come to your business. Many tools, techniques and templates are provided to help you become a better business professional.

The objectives of this module:

  1. Help you understand the only 8 numbers that drive profitability in any business.
  2. Learn a number of low or no cost marketing tips/techniques you can use before spending a lot of money on media or advertising.
  3. Develop skills to get a response from your marketing efforts.
  4. Create a detailed marketing plan using a template planner and a comprehensive checklist of marketing tactics.
  5. Give you the ability to articulate your unique selling proposition (USP).
  6. Learn how to sell.
  7. Design the customer service journey so that your customers will want to continue coming back and referring you to others.

For only $27/month you can have access to all of these modules.

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