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Module 5: People

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It is really hard to grow a business without people. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs spend too little time thinking about recruiting and retaining people as a strategic initiative. If you are like most business owners, you have little to no training in recruitment, performance management, in the psychology of motivation or developing compensation programs. The result is you end up with a team that is ‘average’ or ‘normal.’ This requires you as the business owner to stay heavily involved in the daily operations, which ultimately effects your businesses growth.

The objectives of this module:

  1. Learn how to implement a recruitment program to help you save tons of time and leave you with only the best candidates.
  2. Understand how to onboard new members effectively so that they are set up for success and capable of performing as quickly as possible.
  3. Manage your people for performance.
  4. Improve your performance review process.
  5. Learn to build a compensation package that motivates people to excel and stay with you.
  6. Provide training on how to delegate effectively so that tasks you give to others don’t come back to you.
  7. Receive tools and techniques on how to screen out people in the recruitment phase.
  8. Develop key performance indicators to use in performance reviews.
  9. Learn how to build individual development plans so that you are able to collaborate with your team and help them improve in targeted areas.

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